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Designed for businesses that want to 10x their email marketing.

If you want a step-by-step plan to getting more money from your subscribers, an expert audit— email content to gmail inbox to spam folders to CTAs and back— may be the answer.  

black and white photo of Holy Gusto founder Jay Sennett

Email Conversion Strategist and Auditor,
Jay Sennett

You know that an email marketing audit is for you if:

The money you’ve paid to fix your copywriting, delivery, and segmentation problems hasn’t worked.

Worse still, the money you paid to consultants fixed one problem but started another problem.

You’ve talked with a few different specialists and received different solutions (or even different problems).

You know you can achieve better engagement and higher ROI from your email marketing. But after working with experts, you’re not too sure who to trust and you don’t want to get burned again.

You don’t want to pay for another special solution that fails.

If you nodded your head in recognition then your a business owner who is tired of being mislead by well-meaning but mediocre consultants. This means that:

You have a high desire to understand all the factors that impact your email marketing.

You want a 360 degree, global picture of everything going on in your email marketing, from sign-up form to metrics.

You want this global picture separate from offers to change or fix anything.

You want to know what is happening instead of what might happen.

You prefer a more analytical, almost scientific, approach to solving your email marketing problems.

You want to work with consultants who give you the truth without tying the truth to purchasing other services.

You welcome the idea of a comprehensive email marketing audit.

What is an email marketing audit?

An email marketing audit is a comprehensive review all your email copy, your account data, your list reputation, and your deliverability status.

All at once.

You will have a complete aerial view of your email marketing. You will know precisely what’s working and what’s not working.

You will receive a written report documenting what’s working and not working.

The report will contain a 30-60-90 day plan of priortized actions with at least two options for completing each action step.

This action plan will be tied to your overall marketing goals and strategic business plans.

The written report is one you can give to any future consultant. From the findings of the audit, they will be able to execute any set of suggestions within the plan.

Why audits work.

Audits work because they result from a fact-finding mission. Audits aren’t about implementing changes.

I’ve learned over the last 15 years that a solution implemented without understanding the global picture can break things in other places.

I’ve also learned that copywriters are great at writing copy and automation specialists are great at building out automations and delivery specialists are great at getting your emails into inboxes.

But only a rare few understand how all three interact in one email marketing account.

My audits research all three areas of your email marketing and even includes a review of your landing page, lead magnet, and sign up forms.

All form a whole within email marketing.

Shouldn’t you make business decisions about your email marketing with confidence based on a global understanding of your account?

How it works.

Pay for the audit.

Complete the questionnaire sent to you by email. You’ll be asked if you’d like to receive a list of projects we could work on after the audit is complete. A no will be honored. A yes will have projects listed or the names of consultants we trust, if we’re not able to do it.

Schedule a meeting with to discuss your audit and answer any questions you have.

Provide access to your email marketing account and all integrations tied to that account..

You’ll receive your completed audit research synthesis and recommendations report within five business days of audit completion.

Schedule a second meeting to discuss the report and future options.

Ask questions by email for the next 60 days.

Kind Words From People Who Have Hired Me

I was confident that Holy Gusto could help me because they have a deep understanding of marketing. They know how to help people define the “Why” behind what they’re doing. Jay Sennett, Holy Gusto’s founder, is also a gifted writer and loves working with words and inspiring people.

One thing I knew is I wanted to eventually create a lead magnet funnel, so I’d have the ability to offer services and products to my audience. I saw other writers and content creators doing this with their platforms, so I knew it was possible but I wasn’t clear on the steps to do so. Holy Gusto has provided a clear framework for next steps.

Ashley Evans

Actress and Author, Credits

I love giving my community members what they need & Jay helps me do just that. My goals are clearer, my newseletters get a great response. I love writing them! The Mailchimp email audit tactics are brilliant. Jay helped me save time, send better performing emails and boost my analytics

Grace Quantock

Author and Coach, Trailblazing Wellness