Are You an Author, Publisher, or Creative Looking for a Freelance Email Marketer?

Are you:

  • Wasting time in the tech swamp watching youtube videos trying to figure out how your email service provider works?
  • Afraid to send out email campaigns unless they’re perfect?
  • Sure that you’re bothering your list by sending emails frequently?
  • Stuck with no no idea what to write about on a regular basis?
  • Baffled as to how to setup drip campaigns?
  • Tired of doing something you don’t like to do (maybe even hate)?
  • Confused about as to how email marketing can help you as an author, publisher, or creator?
  • Not sure how or where to find new readers?
  • Lacking clarity about who your ideal reader is?

You’re in the right place. Here’s what you can do next:

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Email Marketing Consultant, Jay Sennett

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What Can an Expert Email Marketing Consultant Do for You?

Common scenarios where I deliver successful projects:

  1. You need on point, technical advice at any stage of your email marketing.
  2. You need an email marketing expert to work with your social media team to integrate all aspects of your online marketing.
  3. Your email marketing as been running for awhile but you want better results.
  4. You require new or revised drip sequences.
  5. You want to sell your own products but don’t quite know how triggers, groups, and tags can accomplish your goals.
  6. You want to sell your own products but don’t know which ecommerce cart to purchase.
  7. You need technical expertise to know which sign up forms are performing the best (and worst!).
  8. You need easy-to-use, repeatable processes for your email marketing.
  9. You need a roadmap that provides a detailed plan in 30-60-90 day tactics.
  10. You’re set on a particular email service provider (i.e. MailChimp or Convertkit) but want insight into different implementation methods, like which fields to setup or even what data to capture.
  11. You need a regular technical email marketing consultantancy and advice from an expert in the field.

If one of these situations describes your needs, your in the right place. You can hire me to help today.

Why Hire Jay Sennett as Your Freelance Email Marketing Consultant?

If your email marketing isn’t performing at its best, it can affect your author business and your brand. Email marketing can provide up to 4000% return on investment, if it’s done well and done consistently.

Whether you’re thinking about creating an email list or you’re running one already, you’ll need an expert freelance email marketing consult to oversee your project.

Working in email marketing for over 15 years, I’ve seen some real horror stories.

Why hire an email marketing expert to fix broken automations and templates that go to spam when you can get it right the first time?

Based in the US, I have nearly two decades of experiences working with authors around the world.

I founded and run a publishing company and have published books and several articles.

I develop custom solutions in MailChimp, Klaviyo, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, and even button.down, as well other email service providers.

I’m an excellent communicator, organized, autonomous, pragmatic, am happy to work alone or as a member of your team.

I want to partner with you for the long term, from planning to going live to reviewing and revising.

I pride myself on the quality of my work and have great confidence in its quality.

Ready to Start a Project Together?

Kind Words From People Who Have Hired Me

I was confident that Holy Gusto could help me because they have a deep understanding of marketing. They know how to help people define the “Why” behind what they’re doing. Jay Sennett, Holy Gusto’s founder, is also a gifted writer and loves working with words and inspiring people.

One thing I knew is I wanted to eventually create a lead magnet funnel, so I’d have the ability to offer services and products to my audience. I saw other writers and content creators doing this with their platforms, so I knew it was possible but I wasn’t clear on the steps to do so. Holy Gusto has provided a clear framework for next steps.

Ashley Evans

Actress and Author, Credits

I love giving my community members what they need & Jay helps me do just that. My goals are clearer, my newseletters get a great response. I love writing them! The Mailchimp email audit tactics are brilliant. Jay helped me save time, send better performing emails and boost my analytics

Grace Quantock

Author and Coach, Trailblazing Wellness