An Easier, Smarter Way to Collect Subscriber Data in Mailchimp

Written byJay Sennett

Jay Sennett is the founder and managing director of Holy Gusto Marketing and Homofactus Press. Holy Gusto helps authors, publishers, and creatives transform their email marketing into more sales.

April 13, 2021

Users often go straight to creating an audience and launching a sign-up form. They often fail to answer the all-important where question, as is “where are my subscribers coming from.” They also fail to contemplate where their subscribers might come from in the future. What if you’re strictly an e-commerce site at first, but then expand to a physical address? How will you account for the growth and change of your subscriber base in your sign-up forms?

Find out in this video, A Chimp Snack, bite-sized Mailchimp instruction for users on the go.

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