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Outcomes that Reduce the Time
You Spend in Your Email Marketing

1. Email Campaign Optimization Services

  • Performance Enhancement of Campaigns: Revamping existing campaigns for higher engagement and conversion.
  • Targeted Engagement Strategy: Developing strategies to improve open and click-through rates.
  • Content Revitalization: Refreshing email content for better audience resonance and impact.
  • Optimization based on A/B Testing Insights: Implementing changes based on proven testing results.

2. Email Deliverability Improvement Services

  • Deliverability Fix and Boost: Enhancing the likelihood of emails reaching the inbox.
  • Compliance and ISP Relations: Ensuring adherence to ISP rules and building positive sender reputation.
  • Spam Remediation Strategies: Reducing the spam score and improving email credibility.
  • Reputation Management Consultation: Advising on maintaining a strong sender reputation.

3. Audience Analysis and Personalization Services

  • Advanced List Segmentation Solutions: Creating highly targeted subscriber segments for personalized campaigns.
  • Behavioral Targeting Techniques: Utilizing subscriber interactions for tailored communication.
  • Demographic Data Utilization: Leveraging demographic information for relevant content targeting.
  • Custom Personalization Implementation: Enhancing subscriber engagement through personalized content.

4. Email Automation and Workflow Services

  • Automation System Overhaul: Revamping automation strategies for greater effectiveness.
  • Efficiency Enhancement in Email Triggers: Optimizing trigger emails for optimal subscriber engagement.
  • Email Marketing Workflow Streamlining: Simplifying processes for quicker and more efficient email creation.
  • Funnel Optimization Consultancy: Identifying and fixing gaps in the email marketing funnel.

5. Technical and Infrastructure Services

  • Email System Technical Audit: Assessing and optimizing technical setups for peak performance.
  • Compliance and Security Solutions: Ensuring secure and compliant email marketing practices.
  • Template Design and Compatibility Services: Creating responsive, universally compatible email templates.
  • Infrastructure Upgrade Advice: Recommending and implementing modern email marketing tools and integrations.

6. Data Analytics and Reporting Services

  • Custom Analytics and Reporting: Providing tailored reports focusing on key metrics and insights.
  • Long-Term Trend Analysis: Offering insights into email campaign trends and their business implications.
  • Competitive Email Benchmarking: Comparing client email performance against industry benchmarks.
  • Data-Driven Strategy Development: Crafting strategies based on in-depth data analysis.

7. Strategic Email Marketing Consulting

  • Comprehensive Strategy Development: Building a holistic email marketing strategy for client businesses.
  • Campaign Calendar Planning: Assisting in the creation and scheduling of effective email campaigns.
  • Content Strategy Advisory: Developing engaging content strategies for email marketing.
  • Growth and Scaling Roadmaps: Guiding on effectively scaling email marketing efforts.

8. Training and Empowerment Services

  • Bespoke Email Marketing Training: Conducting custom training sessions for clients and their teams.
  • Resource and Guide Development: Creating comprehensive resources for client reference.
  • Skill-Building Workshops: Organizing workshops to enhance in-house email marketing skills.
  • Dedicated Support and Q&A Sessions: Providing targeted support and answering specific client queries.

9. Compliance and Ethical Marketing Services

  • Regulation Compliance Checks: Ensuring client email practices meet legal standards.
  • Ethical Marketing Guidance: Advising on best practices and ethical considerations in email marketing.
  • Email Accessibility Reviews: Making sure emails are accessible to all audience segments.
  • Sustainable Email Marketing Practices: Consulting on eco-friendly email marketing strategies.

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I’m Jay Sennett, a trans author, publisher, and creative entrepreneur who transitioned in 1996 (before the modern-day internet!).

I created The Email Profit Plan because I saw so many creatives like myself struggling to build sustainable businesses free from the toxicity and discrimination that can come with relying on third-party platforms.

As an LGBTQ or woman creative, you face the same hate-filled comments and the same risks of being deplatformed when it comes to your brand.

Let’s create a different future for you, together.

Let us help you take control of your revenue streams and build a thriving business based on 100% owned media, free from deplatforming threats and demoralizing comments.

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