Fix your email funnel leaks

What you don’t know hurts your inbox placement

For emails sent within the United States, approximately 77% land in the inbox.

That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except let me ask you a question.

If you knew you could make $10,000 this quarter in donations or revenue, would you be happy with $7,700?

I’m guessing no.

What happens to your emails…is your fault

The thing is it’s super easy to setup an email list.

Companies like MailChimp and ConvertKit spend time and money making it easy for you.

They need to.

Their revenue model comes from all your subscribers.

If they made it hard to create an email list and embed a sign-up form on your website, they’d lose your business.

They may make it easy to sign up.

But they don’t do much of anything to help you get your emails into the inbox.

And by not helping you, you do things that hurt your ability to get your emails into the inbox.

You don’t know what you don’t know. But what you don’t know hurts your email marketing.

The missing email mailbox checks

The first way they don’t help you is with the checks Apple, Gmail, and Outlook need to accept your emails as real.

Without these checks, Apple, Gmail, and Outlook might think you’re a spammer.

Why? Because you think it’s your email service provider (ESP) who gets emails into the inbox.

Except they haven’t told you about the checks. That they’re your responsibility.

Oh, sure, maybe in the knowledge base they do. But they don’t make a point of it.

So you continue to think it’s their job to get your emails into the inbox.

But, it’s really your job.

The inbox checks Apple, Gmail, and Outlook need?

It’s your job because you own your sending domain.

You need to give your ESP permission to send emails on your behalf.

The permission tells Apple, Gmail, and Outlook, your sending domain is legit. It also tells them you give MailChimp or ConvertKit the okay to send your emails for you.

Otherwise, they’re more likely to treat your emails as spam.

So the three records you need to set up make it so much easier for your emails to land in the inbox.

But ESPs don’t do a good job educating their user base about these three records (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC).

Lost revenue. Wasted marketing spend. Squandered time.

What you don’t know is hurting your business.

All because you don’t know what you don’t know.

The havoc single opt-in causes your in email list

The second way ESPs don’t help you is by promoting single opt-in as better than double opt-in.

They have a vested interest in promoting single opt-in. It’s easier to get more subscribers with single opt-in.

More subscribers means more revenue for them. Remember that’s their business model. You pay them for your subscribers.

Single opt-in is bad for your list.

Email click bots and spam bots can enter your list like burglars walking in through the front door.

Single opt-in poses big problems that can hurt your bottom line.

These problems include:

  • Inflated clickthrough rates in email performance reports
  • Inaccurate activity tracking for event-based email marketing (i.e. abandoned cart sequences)
  • Disrupted sales and lead nurturing automation processes due to false triggers
  • Faulty decision-making processes

Lost revenue. Wasted marketing spend. Squandered time.

What you don’t know is hurting your business…again.

All because you’re following an industry standard without understanding the risks.

The three things cold subscribers waste on your list

The third way ESPs don’t help you land in the inbox is cold subscribers.

Warm subscribers grow cold. They lose interest or forget about you. That’s okay.

But it’s not okay to keep emailing them. One day they may see your emails and can’t remember you.

They see all these emails…think whuuut?!? and click spam.

Apple, Gmail, and Outlook sit up and take notice.

Spam clicks mean a lot to them and they never forget.

So you know you should stop emailing cold subscribers, right?

They’re bad for your inbox placement.

They increase the possibility of spam complaints, cost you more money, and waste your time.

You pay with money for those cold subscribers.

You pay with time for those cold subscribers.

You pay with inbox placement every time one of them makes a spam complaint.

But, again, ESPs don’t help you with cold subscriber removal. They expect you to create date-based segments with some Boolean logic. Or they do that for you, except you have to manually trigger the process to remove them. Or both.

Lost revenue. Wasted marketing spend. Squandered time.

What you don’t know is hurting your business…again.

All because you’re doing something you don’t know doesn’t work.

Now you that you know, I’m here to help

But you do know now is that what you don’t know is your inbox placement and hurting your revenue.

I’m here to help. I want to use my tech skills to help you fix revenue leaks in your email marketing.

My 5-step blueprint process will fix these inbox killers. In about two hours, I’ll stop these leaks and get your emails headed towards the inbox.

What you get:

  • The 3 records you need to keep Apple, Gmail, and Outlook happy.
  • Bullet-proof signup forms and a process to keep your email list infection free. Single opt-in or Double opt-in. Your choice.
  • A list that has all bad emails removed.
  • A cold subscriber segment setup based on factors like your sending frequency.
  • An auto-updating segment (if one doesn’t already exist),
  • An automation flow to automatically remove cold subscribers (if it’s possible to do with your ESP)
  • A process to remove cold subscribers manually, if an automation flow isn’t possible.
  • A method to test inbox placement whenever you want using services available for free

This service will:

  • Increase your inbox placement
  • Save you money from fewer subscribers
  • Saves your precious time by sending to a more engaged listGive you a process for understanding what keeps Apple, Gmail, and Outlook happy

I stand by my work. If you don’t see a reduction in costs, an increase in engagement, and better inbox placement, I’ll make it right.

“Jay fixed my inbox problems. About 20% of my emails used to land in gmail promotions. 5% landed in spam. Now all my emails land in the inbox.”

What if I don’t want all three fixes? What if I want to start slowly?

I completely understand. These three fixes work together to keep Apple, Gmail, Outlook happy. Setting up one fix is only a partial fix. But fixing one leak is a good place to start.

I recommend setting up the three records. That’s a big first step. Once I set up the three records, I’ll show you how test your inbox placement. If you’re still not happy with your results, get in touch.

I’m happy to setup the next fix — at no extra cost to you.

The done-for-you option is 495.
The records setup only is 125.
Bullet-proofed sign up process and cold-subscriber removal is 370.