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I found Jay and Holy Gusto through the Facebook Mailchimp User Group. He jumped in right away and cleaned up my list and talked me through how to use the Preferences Panel. He also created a process to tag Surveys (not automated right now in Mailchimp and clean up my sign up forms. Holy Gusto was great! Prompt, easy to work with and talk to, and very, very knowlegeable.

Internal Medicine Doctor

Founder, Consulting Business



Verified domain and email address.


Archived unsubscribes.


Segmented audience by tags.


Tutorial on Preferences Center.


Tutorial on Mailchimp Inbox.


Cleaned up sign-up forms.

The challenge.

An Internal Medicine doctor left her career to create a business teaching other physicians how to master blogging and social media to transform the doctor/patient relationship.

Her goal is to use her extensive and wide-ranging mastery of blogging, vlogging, and social media to teach other physicians how to create and manage their own online voices.

The doctor was struggling with implementing group features on Mailchimp. She wasnt sure how to use segments, tags, and groups together. Her inability to understand how to use these different features of Mailchimp made it impossible for her to effectively market to specific groups of individuals within her list.

Holy Gusto worked with the doctor to segment her list, clean up unsubscribes, and tag subscribers who responded to surveys created through the Mailchimp survey feature.

The solution.

We worked with this client in a technical/instructor capacity.

“She very much wanted to be shown how to do something so she could do it herself later. We were happy to help with that request.”

“We performed our standard list hygiene protocol and also helped her streamline some of her processes.”

The result.

The doctor now has a more targeted list that allows her to direct specific communications only to those people who chose to receive it via group selection during the sign-up process.

Holy Gusto has helped the physician to generate a higher open rate and better direct her communications to the right subscribers in fewer steps. As a result, she has increased her communications to her interested subscribers.

She has greater tech understanding and can more productively use Mailchimp.

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