email marketing: beyond the basics™

3 Sad and shocking
reasons your email marketing stinks

The email marketer who understands how email really works always has an edge. Whether you sell services, ask for donations, or run an e-commerce site, it pays to understand the 3 problems that put your emails in spam and how to get them to land in the inbox instead.

1. you’re going to spam: inbox placement is everything

Chances are 23% of your emails aren’t even going to the intended inbox. You think they are. But they’re not.

For emails sent within the United States, approximately 77% land in the inbox. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except let me ask you a question.

If you knew you could make $10,000 this quarter in donations or revenue, would you be happy with $7,700?

I’m guessing no.

Did you know Apple, Gmail, and Outlook run “checks” on all emails to confirm they’re real and not spam?

Email Service Providers (ESPs) like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign do a great job at helping you set up lists and add subscribers. Their model makes sense considering you pay them based on your total list size. But what they don’t care about is your Inbox Placement.

If your emails don’t pass their “checks,” they’ll end up in the spam folder. (More about avoiding the spam folder a little later.)

It’s YOUR JOB to make sure your emails are getting delivered into the inbox.

You own your sending domain so you need to give your ESP permission to send on your behalf.

This permission tells Apple, Gmail, and Outlook your sending domain is legit and belongs to you. It also tells them you give your ESP the okay to send your emails for you.

To give Apple, Gmail, and Outlook permission, pass their “checks,” and improve your Inbox Placement, you need three records set up — SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

If you wanto talk about what each of these records does, book a 15-minute free call with me.

Stop wasting your time, money, and resources. Stop believing a 77% delivery rate is “succesful.” Stop assuming your ESP cares at all about your Inbox Placement.

I care about helping you make sure as many emails as possible make it to their intended inbox. I also want to prevent list bloat from email bots and email spammers that artificially inflate the size of your list.

Which brings me the second sad and shocking reason your email marketing stinks.

2. you  don’t close the door to spam bots: single opt-in stinks for you but rocks for your esp

The ESP Sales Pitch

The ESP Sales Pitch: Double opt-in causes friction! Single opt-in makes it easier for you to get more subscribers!

The Truth

Single opt-in forms do make it easier for real people but single opt-in also makes it super-duper easy for email click bots and spam bots to add garbage to your list.

Your ESP doesn’t care if your list has thousands of garbage subscribers from bots and spammers

More subscribers means more revenue for them. Remember that’s their business model. You pay them for your subscribers.

Email click bots and spam bots can enter your list like burglars walking in through the front door.

Single opt-in poses big problems that can hurt your bottom line.

These problems include:

  • Inflated click-through rates in email performance reports
  • Inaccurate activity tracking for event-based email marketing (i.e. abandoned cart sequences)
  • Disrupted sales and lead nurturing automation processes due to false triggers
  • Faulty decision-making processes

If this makes you feel frustrated and disappointed that your service provider puts their interests in front of yours, don’t be.  I’m here to help. If you want to talk about single opt-in and how bots infect you list, book a 15-minute free call with me.

Your ESP also makes it harder than necessary to remove your cold subscribers. They’d prefer to keep charging you for these disengaged subscribers, which brings me to the last sad and shocking reason your email marketing suffers.

3. Cold Subscribers are like cancer:
don’t ignore them

Guess who doesn’t care if your list has a bunch of cold or inactive subscribers… you guessed it, your ESP.  Remember, bigger list = higher fees for their services.  

Guess who cold subscribers do hurt… YOU!

Warm subscribers grow cold. They lose interest or forget about you. 

That’s okay. We want lean, focused, and targeted lists.

It’s not okay to keep emailing them. At some point they are FAR more likely to click spam on your next email.

Apple, Gmail, and Outlook sit up and take notice.

Spam notifications mean a lot to them, and they never forget.

STOP emailing cold subscribers

They negatively affect your inbox placement and increase spam complaints, both things a well run program avoids at all costs.

STOP spending money on cold subscribers, reallocate that budget to more campaigns for warm subscribers.

STOP allowing cold subscribers to infect your analytics with garbage data, which almost always helps your ESP appear more effective.

ESPs don’t help you with cold subscriber removal because they only want you to add to your list. They all have tools to accomplish cold subscriber removal but you have to understand database logic and query searches to do it.  They also know users like you can’t invest the time to learn.

Good thing you know someone who can help.

Stop Worrying! I’m here to fix your inbox placement problems

My blueprint process will fix these inbox killers. I’ll stop these leaks and get your emails headed towards the inbox and get back the 23% of emails landing in spam

What you get:

  • The 3 records you need to keep Apple, Gmail, and Outlook happy.
  • Bullet-proof signup forms and a process to keep your email list infection free. Single opt-in or Double opt-in. Your choice. But you know what we recommend.
  • A laundered list with bots removed.
  • A cold-subscriber segment setup based on factors like your sending frequency.
  • An auto-updating segment (if one doesn’t already exist).
  • An automation flow to automatically remove cold subscribers (if it’s possible to do with your ESP).
  • A process to remove cold subscribers manually, if an automation flow isn’t possible.
  • A method to test inbox placement in the future using services available for free.

This service will:

  • Get your emails out of spam.
  • Increase your inbox placement.
  • Save you money by not paying for bogus subscribers.
  • Save you time since you’ll be sending to a more engaged list.
  • Teach you how to keep Apple, Gmail, and Outlook happy.

How it works:

Once you purchase this service, we discuss accessing your ESP and your domain service.

We work on your account while you do more valuable work in your business.

We return your account to you.

For only $575.00.